The Game


Version 0.3.1 – Settings and Scalability, released!
Version 0.3.0 – “The Clinic”, released! and Changes from 0.2.0 to 0.3.0


You are a dirty minded and unscrupulous gynecologist and run your own fertilization clinic. Lucky for you there are a lot of sexy girls out there with all of their sexual problems and desires that needs help to get impregnated and with other related issues. Offcourse you will do EVERYTHING possible to help out these “poor” girls. You will even get payed for your “hard work” and as you make more money you will be able to expand your clinic, and buy more “tools of the trade”. You also may be so successful that you could hire an assistant or more.
I see endless possibilities around this scenario.


I have played a lot of adult games troughout the years. Always liked Japanese style games, but western adult games is usually somewhat disappointing. For both genres I have missed more interactivity based on physical simulation and especially more realistic pussy graphics and physics. The games tends to be built around “static” animations and turn the speed up and down.
With emerging new game technology and advances in both VR and physical simulations, may be the time is right for creating a more dynamic and physics based adult game.




The technical goal of the game is to create as realistic graphic and physics as possible. I have purchased an Daz3D Indi Game developers license. I think Daz3D have some of the best 3d characters there is, this is exactly what they are good at, and I want to bring them alive with Unreal Engine 4. I have spent a lot of time setting up an efficient workflow for transforming Daz3d characters, fully rigged and with morphs into Unreal Engine 4. More on this later.
Butt, belly and breast physics is implemented at this stage.
Realistic pussy physics will be the most important game aspect since our protagonist is a gynecologist, of course. I have made some pretty good prototypes of pussy physics to test out the concepts in the Unreal Game Engine. Fluid physics of different sorts will also be an important aspect.  At the moment I’m confident that I can achieve what I want in this area of the game and have paused this development to focus on realistic skin, eye and hair shaders (materials) as well as making the initial technical demo preview.


The story concept is outlined above. There will be some time before we can start working on the story. There are many technical issues that needs to be solved and there will probably be many releases of the game showcasing gameplay aspects before there will be some real story baked into the game. Story and content will be developed over time, as such you as a patreon will follow us on the road getting more and more content and story line as I develop it.
Main focus at the time being will be to make a solid game foundation for the story to be built on top of.


  • More physics: anus, mouth, urethral, better genitalia etc.
  • More tools.
  • More poses.
  • More inventory – clinic. – Implemented in v. 0.3.0
  • More animations.
  • At some point start to implement some gameplay logic.

VR suport

VR Support will be implemented. I have acquired an Oculus Rift and have briefly started looking into this. This is a priority now.


Demo/All versions:

Version 0.3.1 – Settings and Scalability, is out!

From this version, there is only one common download for all levels, censored and uncensored. You download the demo, if you like it and want the uncensored full or limited relaase, Patreon the project and get your key to unlock uncensored full or limited content. 

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Version 0.3.0 – “The Clinic”, is out!

I’m happy to announce the 0.3.0 release of this game project.

The main focus on this release is the environment you are in, and as such you now have your own clinic.

Changes 0.2.0 to 0.3.0.

Major changes has been done since the first “dancing girl” demo.
We now have pussy physics, working speculum, and a clinic for it all to happen in.

The publicly available release is fully functional with the same content as the full version of the game, except that it is censored (you cannot remove panties).

Or from Gamejolt:


The Win-32 build is NOT TESTED, because I have 64 bit. Please give feedback if it works or not. I will not release any new win-32 builds before I have confirmation it works. Only win-32 build is v. 0.2.0.

If you become a Patron, you will immediately get code to the uncensored version of your subscription tier:

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Version 0.3.1 – Settings and Scalability

This release is all about settings, scalability and making things smoother… Change log:  Configuration system for graphical settings and tuning. Game scalability – Make game run smooth on different spec systems with different quality settings. Subscriber code system. One download – Patreon the project, get a code, submit your code and get your level of subscription benefits. …

Support the Game

It is not a game, yet. For all of you out there its not about what it is now, but what it can be. I´ll be happy for any support, be it that you wish to patron the project, give me a thumbs up or a pat on the shoulder. All of the above will be hugely appreciated during the long hours of tearing my hair off trying to get it just right.

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Patrons of “M.D OB/GYN Gynecologist” and “Certified M.D OB/GYN Gynecologist” level will get link to version where you can undress everything. 
Patrons of “Certified M.D OB/GYN Gynecologist” level will also get access to all morphs and extras.
Lower tiers will get access to older versions of the game project.