Gyno where?

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So you release this gyno game, but there is no gyno play?

Ok, fair question. The initial development prototypes was focused around the gyno concept. I wanted to know if I could achieve what I wanted with the game technically, so a lot of time was spent on genitalia 3D modell and physics simulation in that area. When I was confident I could do this I focused the development on finishing up the main character, rigging, shading, morphs and animation system. The first release showcase just this and not the gyno part. This post shows some pictures from the early prototype.

I have now finished all the clothing shaders and will start to reintroduce the gynochair back into the game. I expect to have a version with this content ready in August, may be earlier. Since Patreon bills 1. of every month, everyone that patron the project at “supporter” or higher before the end of July, will get there version of the preview as soon as its released after 1. August.


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