Version 0.2.0 Released!

I’m happy to announce the 0.2.0 release of this game project!

From the first public demo to this release, almost everything is changed. The first demo was more or less a model, shader and animation test. All that moving around and dancing stuff is now removed and the focus is on what this game is about, putting a girl in the gynochair and start having fun with her.

This is the second demo release and the first demo release with the gynochair and physics. The publicly available release is fully functional with the same content as the full version of the game, except that it is censored (you cannot remove panties).

I have rebuilt most of the game on the back end, and I must admit that I probably don’t remember everything that has changed from the previous version. It all goes way back to how the model and clothing are exported from Daz Studio, rigged and set up in Maya, to all new physics, morph system and animation system in UE4.


  • All “dancing girl” and test animation stuff is removed.
  • Gynochair is introduced.
  • Working Speculum.
  • New morph system witch fixed a lot of bad deformations and bad fit with clothing.
  • Adjustments to morphs used in animations to correct for bad deformations.
  • Collision handling on whole body.
  • Updates shaders/skinning and fixed broken genitalia shader.
  • Genitalia and vagina physics simulation with about 30 joints.
  • Physics simulation with force. E.g. you need to push with force at right position and angle to get speculum to penetrate into vagina.
  • New moprhs. E.g. 3 new girl types, genitalia open close etc.
  • Tessellation slider (experimental). I have experienced some difficulties and deformations with tessellation, and added a slider for testing. There are especially artefacts when fully pregnant and with tessellation. I have left this on in the full version and would like some comments on how this works on your computer.
  • Natural and simulated eye blinking based on research in this area. Average blink, multiple blink and blink after blink timed vs probability etc, all very scientific.
  • Breath simulation/animation.
  • Help tab in UI.
  • Camera speed adjustment with mouse wheel or by slider (in help tab).
  • Headlight intensity adjustment by slider (in help tab).
  • Lots of other major and minor fixes.



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