Version 0.3.0: “The clinic”, is out!

The main focus on this release is the environment you are in, and as such you now have your own clinic.

Off course all futures of v. 0.2.0 are also a part of this release.

Changes from 0.2.0 to 0.3.0:

  • Clinic.- Clinic.- Inventory.- Lots of lightning and post processing changes.
  • Exterior (out side) simulation. – Fixed look at function so it works when girl turn in any direction- Better hair shaders.
  • Lots of high quality new assets and materials/shaders added to the games, and that is why it’s getting bigger (larger download).
  • Made a operation lamp with lights. – Some minor fixes.
  • New keyboard commands: R and F, used to control camera speed in camera mode and speculum open/close in speculum mode.


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